We are two history teachers in the UK who have taught in a number of different state schools.

In July 2018, we suggested on Twitter that we wanted to produce a bank of ‘meanwhile elsewhere…’ resources. Within a month over a hundred had been sent to us from at least five different countries.

So far we need to thank the following history teachers for getting this up and running:

Rich Kerridge, Briege Rice, Rebecca Harris, Conor Campbell, Tom Allen, Catherine Priggs, Chelsea David, Victoria Keitel, Bethan Boulter, Hannah Blyth, Kevin Price, Lauren Grey, Alice Southern, Paul Dwyer, Charlotte Williams, Scott Alsopp, Catherine Flavell, Mike Hill, Sara Singaguglia, Sarah Harvey, Charlotte Ward, Elizabeth Carr, Andrew Sweet, Jo Ewan, William Durant, Chris Lewis, Mark Nolan, Martyn Bajkowski, Vicky Bettney, Mikey Porter, Jen Thornton, Simon Probart, Hannah Johnston, Richard Kirkup, Nicola Ireland, Scott Parker, Jessica Grey, David Hibbert, Alisa MacKay, Sam Day, Jason Lincoln, Helen Wenham, Nick Knowland, Sarah Hartsmith, Louisa Dunn, Christopher Tyer, Laurie Matthews, Dean Slack, Claire Amos, Kelly Harrison, Tony Fox, Helen Snelson and Ollie Barnes.