Welcome to meanwhile, elsewhere…

The history learnt in a school classroom is fascinating, vital, enlightening, challenging, complicated…and yet it only offers a small glimpse of the past.

Using this website is easy! Go to the period and topic you are studying on the drop down bar, and download a work-sheet that will introduce you to a whole new part of history that was happening around the same time.

If you want to find out more about the curriculum and pedagogical thinking behind ‘meanwhile, elsewhere…’ we wrote an article for theĀ Teaching History journal, which can be found here.

So…print them out, click on the website links, cast your net of curiosity further than you had ever imagined…and discover what was happening meanwhile, elsewhere…

Will and Rich

*UPDATE: a ‘meanwhile, nearby…’ template is now available for teachers using the dropdown on the sidebar.*

*UPDATE: information and examples to help teachers create a ‘However in another period…’ resource are now available using the dropdown on the sidebar.*